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What is Asset Finance

An asset is any property owned by a person, government or a firm that can be used to generate an income.

Asset Finance is used when a person or firm needs funds to grow their business. Assets may include such items as

  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Plant equipment
  • Buildings

As with most finance the loan will require repayments on a regular basis. Depending on the type of finance the asset may become the property of the business over time. Asset Finance can provide short, or longer term loans. The aim is to fulfil the expectations of the clients.

The Main Types of Asset Finance

Hire or Lease Purchase.

The hire purchase provider retains ownership of the asset to be leased over the term of the agreement. The asset is leased to the business for an agreed regular fixed payment. Businesses may make an initial payment followed by smaller payments on an agreed schedule. At the end of the agreed period, the business can choose to retain ownership of the asset with a further payment.

Finance or Capital Lease.

This financing allows the business to lease an asset making regular payments on the item they require. The business does not have the option to purchase the asset outright. Once the initial cost of the asset has been recouped by the lessor the business may have the opportunity to receive a percentage of the sale value. The company leasing may be eligible for some tax benefits using this type of financing

Equipment Leasing

This type of leasing is where a business leases an item from the provider which includes maintenance of the item. The leasing may be eligible for some tax relief. The item is leased for a fixed period and sum. At the end of the lease the renter has the opportunity.

  • To purchase the item at a sum agreed by both parties.
  • Continue to lease the item as before.
  • Return the item and therefore end the agreement.
  • Replace the item with a newer model.

Operating Leasing

If a company requires a specific type of machinery for a fixed period of time, Operating Leasing would suit their needs. The value of the item required is calculated and a leasing agreement reached based on value and term of the loan. After the term of the loan the equipment is simply returned to the lessor.

Asset Refinancing

Asset financing is to secure a loan against any asset owned by the company. As with most traditional loans, regular payment are made to the financer over a fixed term.

Asset-based Refinancing

When a business requires funds, it can use any asset the company holds even if the business still has existing finance owing on that item. As with most traditional loans, regular payment are made to the financer over a fixed term.

Vehicle Asset Finance

This popular form of financing is when a business requires vehicles for their company. The contract hirer supplies vehicles to the company for an agreed period of time and amount. The hire period includes maintenance of the vehicles. At the end of the loan the vehicles are returned to the financer. In some cases, the vehicles can be bought by the business for an agreed amount.