About CLF Asset Finance

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CLF Asset Finance

About CLF Asset Finance

Commercial Loans and Finance Ltd

We are one of the UK's most ethical independent commercial loans and asset brokers. We offer a wide choice of tailor-made financial solutions for the commercial sector to suit your business, whether a sole trader or a limited company.

As an independent broker, we have access to 95% of the commercial lenders in the UK. CLF has a national network of funding streams that range from major high street banks to private investment funds and bespoke commercial lenders, usually not accessible to the general public.

Whilst many brokers may promise funding we believe our experience enables us to give you accurate information and a realistic plan to ensure you get the right financial product. CLF Asset Finance can guide you through the process and help avoid many of the obstacles which can seem daunting when securing funds.

Our simple aim is to help you choose the best product for your needs and secure finance as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Experienced Professional Help

With our experience and contacts we are able to assist small and medium sized businesses secure vital funding and/or working capital. We are confident we can find an affordable way to spread the cost of the equipment you need, through tailored, personalised packages.

At CLF we strive to ensure each member of our highly skilled staff is constantly kept up to date with changes in financial products and legislation. Our specialist team work with you to get a quick and often instant decision, aiming to provide you with the most suitable and appropriate financial solution.